'Every woman has a Naked Raver inside. We help her set it free'

Naked Raver, the book, is currently on a countdown deal, where the price increases to its normal price over 3 days.Today it is at 99p UK, and approx $1.40 ish USA via Kindle. Enjoy…..but more so, just dare to believe in the possibility of it all xxxx

Yawn……most underused, overused, must have, must not have, most essential, most inessential, 100 best, 100 worst, should do, shouldn’t do, how to succeed, how to fail, who’s in, who’s out…….welcome to the online world of Mass ADHD.

Statue in The Square…..a book that inspires you to be naturally amazing

Naked Raver is enjoying a ‘Silent Sabbatical’…..but you are always in our hearts xxx

"Has the take away come yet?"
“Why is there a chip on the floor?”
“Maybe it’s come off your shoulder”
(Yes….,this is a real conversation)


My three year old taught me a lesson today. It was this: Treat life as though it is ‘You’ve Been Framed’

……… giving spirituality that ‘classy’ feel.

Original prints available via Naked Ravers’ online Boutique.